AI startup Hebbia raised $130M

Introduction Of AI

Hebbia, a pioneering startup specializing in generative AI for document search and query response, has successfully raised $130 million in a Series B funding round. This latest investment values the company at approximately $700 million, highlighting the growing investor confidence in AI-driven enterprises. Leading the round is Andreessen Horowitz, with additional participation from Index Ventures, Google Ventures, and Peter Thiel.


Financial Milestones

Hebbia’s funding round underscores a significant trend in the It industry: startups achieving valuations of 50 times their annual recurring revenue (ARR). Despite its early stage, Hebbia reported an ARR of $13 million with profitable revenue, making its $700 million valuation approximately 54 times its ARR. This high multiple reflects the market’s appetite for It solutions, even amid fluctuating economic conditions.

Fundraising Dynamics

The formal announcement of Hebbia’s Series B round confirmed details initially reported by TechCrunch, including the initial goal of raising $100 million. However, the company continued to attract investment, ultimately securing an additional $30 million. While Hebbia has yet to update its SEC disclosure to reflect this total, the funding achievement marks a significant milestone for the company.

Founder’s Journey

Hebbia was founded in 2020 by George Sivulka during his PhD studies in electrical engineering at Stanford. Sivulka’s vision was to create an IT-powered tool that could revolutionize how large documents are searched and analyzed. Initially, Hebbia focused on a search and summarization tool but later evolved into an It analyst product, Matrix.

The Matrix Product

Matrix, Hebbia’s flagship product, is designed to ingest extensive files and provide detailed responses in a tabular format akin to a spreadsheet. This capability is particularly beneficial for sifting through complex documents such as SEC filings, allowing users to organize and compare critical information efficiently. Currently, Matrix is predominantly used by asset managers, investment banks, and financial institutions for tasks such as due diligence and asset pricing.

Market Expansion

Hebbia is not resting on its laurels. The startup plans to use the fresh capital to expand its team, enhance its product offerings, and penetrate new verticals such as law firms and pharmaceutical companies. Hebbia’s customer base already includes notable names like Centerview Partners, Charlesbank, and Fenwick, indicating strong market acceptance and trust in its solutions.

The Future of Hebbia

The success of Hebbia’s recent funding round and its impressive growth trajectory underscore the potential of It-driven innovations in transforming industries. With 30% of asset managers already leveraging Hebbia’s technology, the company is poised to significantly impact how financial and legal research is conducted.

George Sivulka’s remarkable journey from NASA intern to AI startup founder is an inspiring testament to the power of vision and innovation. Despite lacking direct business experience, Sivulka has steered Hebbia towards becoming a formidable player in the AI landscape, setting a high benchmark for other startups in the sector.


Hebbia’s latest funding round and substantial valuation highlight the increasing importance and value of It in today’s economy. As Hebbia continues to grow and expand its offerings, it remains at the forefront of It innovation, demonstrating how advanced technology can drive efficiency and insights across various industries.


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