CrankWheel: No 1 Screen Sharing for Enhanced Collaboration



In the rapidly evolving landscape of remote work and digital communication, businesses are constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance their sales processes. CrankWheel is one such tool that has emerged as a game-changer in the realm of remote sales. With its focus on visual engagement and streamlined communication, CrankWheel empowers sales teams to connect with prospects in a more interactive and effective manner.

Visual Engagement for Enhanced Communication:


it’s stands out by placing a strong emphasis on visual engagement, recognizing the power of visuals in communication. The platform allows sales professionals to share their screens instantly, providing a visual context to their conversations. Whether it’s a product demonstration, a presentation, or collaborative document review, CrankWheel enables a real-time, interactive experience that goes beyond traditional text-based communication.

Key Features of CrankWheel:

  1. Instant Screen Sharing: It’s instant screen-sharing feature enables users to share their screens effortlessly, eliminating the need for cumbersome setups or third-party applications. This functionality is particularly valuable during sales calls or virtual meetings when visual aids can significantly enhance the understanding of complex concepts.
  2. Co-Browsing Capability: The co-browsing feature allows sales representatives to guide prospects through websites or applications in real-time. This collaborative browsing experience ensures that potential clients receive personalized attention and support, leading to a more satisfying customer journey.
  3. Lead Generation Tools: CrankWheel includes built-in lead generation tools, allowing users to capture valuable information from their prospects during online interactions. These tools seamlessly integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, streamlining the lead management process and fostering better customer relationships.
  4. Analytics and Reporting: The platform offers robust analytics and reporting features, providing insights into the effectiveness of sales presentations. Sales teams can track viewer engagement, understand which content resonates the most, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their sales strategies.

Benefits of CrankWheel for Sales Teams:

  1. Improved Sales Conversion Rates: By leveraging the power of visual engagement, sales teams using CrankWheel often experience higher conversion rates. The ability to showcase products or services in real-time enhances prospect understanding and confidence, leading to quicker and more informed purchasing decisions.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: The co-browsing feature fosters collaboration between sales representatives and prospects, creating a more personalized and engaging sales process. This collaborative approach not only builds rapport but also increases the likelihood of successfully closing deals.
  3. Time and Cost Savings: It’s user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing workflows save valuable time for sales professionals. The platform eliminates the need for extensive training or complex onboarding processes, allowing teams to focus on what they do best – selling.
  4. Scalability: Whether a business is a small startup or a large enterprise, CrankWheel’s scalable solutions cater to the diverse needs of sales teams. The platform grows with the organization, adapting to changing requirements and ensuring a consistent and effective sales experience.


In an era where virtual interactions play a pivotal role in business success, tools like CrankWheel provide a competitive edge by elevating the remote sales experience. By prioritizing visual engagement, seamless communication, and advanced analytics, CrankWheel empowers sales teams to forge meaningful connections with prospects and drive successful outcomes. As businesses continue to embrace remote work, CrankWheel stands out as an indispensable ally in the journey towards more efficient and impactful sales strategies.

In conclusion, It’s innovative approach to visual engagement, coupled with its array of features, propels it to the forefront of remote sales solutions. By offering real-time collaboration, lead generation tools, and insightful analytics, CrankWheel ensures that sales teams can adapt to the evolving landscape of digital communication. As businesses navigate the challenges of remote work, CrankWheel emerges as a key ally, facilitating meaningful connections and paving the way for more successful and efficient sales processes in our increasingly virtual world.

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