Bitdefender for Mac: Dependable Security for macOS

Introduction Of Bitdefender

Bitdefender for Mac aims to block malware and protect your privacy, and given Bitdefender’s strong reputation on Windows, it’s worth exploring how well it integrates with macOS and the Apple ecosystem. This comprehensive review breaks down the pricing, installation, usability, cybersecurity features, and customer support of Bitdefender for Mac.



Bitdefender offers a range of plans tailored to different needs and budgets:

  • Basic Antivirus for Mac: Starts at $30 for the first year, renewing at $40 annually. This plan covers one Mac device and includes a VPN capped at 200MB per day.
  • Bitdefender Total Security: Covers five devices across macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android, priced at $70 initially and $100 for subsequent years. This plan includes ransomware protection, crypto mining safeguards, and parental controls.
  • Bitdefender Premium Security: Protects up to 10 devices for $80 for the first year. It includes an uncapped VPN and a password manager.
  • Ultimate Security: Adds identity theft protection with insurance up to $1 million and credit reporting, priced at $90 for the first year, with a higher renewal rate.

A notable downside is that the cost of both Premium Security and Ultimate Security doubles after the first year, which might be a consideration for long-term users.

Installation and Usability

Setting up Bitdefender on a Mac is straightforward, though starting with the main It Total Security app simplifies the process. The installation process involves enabling necessary System Settings permissions and installing security extensions for Safari and other browsers like Chrome.

The It dashboard is user-friendly, showing a green shield to indicate your Mac’s safety status and providing recommendations for system scans, malware detection, and cleanup. The integration with macOS features, such as enabling Time Machine backups, highlights It familiarity with the Apple ecosystem.

Cybersecurity Features

It offers several robust cybersecurity features:

  • Malware Protection: Bitdefender’s malware protection is top-tier, scoring near-perfect ratings from AV-Test, a leading cybersecurity research firm. It consistently scored six out of six in malware protection, performance, and usability tests over the past seven years.
  • Ransomware Protection: Bitdefender restricts access to key folders (desktop, documents, downloads, and pictures) by default, which can be customized. This proactive approach to ransomware is highly effective.
  • VPN: The included VPN prevents tracking and can spoof your location. Testing confirmed it successfully masked the true location by simulating a connection from Australia.
  • Browser Extensions: The browser extensions block access to malicious websites, as confirmed during testing with Despite a minor glitch with a 404 error on the warning page, the malware detection worked effectively.

Customer Support

It customer support is generally responsive and helpful. Issues like the 404 error encountered during malware testing were reported, and users can expect prompt resolutions.


It for Mac provides dependable security with a range of features designed to protect against various cyber threats. Its integration with macOS features, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive malware protection make it a strong contender in the antivirus market. While the doubling of prices after the first year is a drawback, the initial cost is competitive, and the robust security features justify the investment for those needing reliable protection across multiple devices.

For Mac users seeking a reliable, easy-to-use antivirus solution, Bitdefender for Mac offers excellent value, strong performance, and peace of mind.


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