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Kuwait Launches Hindi Radio Broadcast India lauds move

Introduction of Kuwait

In a significant move aimed at fostering cultural ties and enhancing communication between India and Kuwait, the Ministry of Information in Kuwait has launched the country’s first-ever Hindi radio broadcast on Kuwait Radio’s FM 93.3 and AM 96.3 frequencies. This weekly Hindi programme, which airs every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:00 PM, marks a historic step in broadcasting and reflects It commitment to embracing its vibrant Indian expatriate community.


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The initiative has been warmly welcomed and applauded by the Indian Embassy in It, which sees this development as a pivotal moment in strengthening the deep-rooted friendship between the two nations. In an official statement, the Embassy expressed its appreciation to the Ministry of Information for initiating this Hindi radio programme, highlighting its potential to further solidify the enduring bond shared by India and Kuwait.

With approximately one million Indian nationals residing in It, the Indian community constitutes the largest expatriate demographic in the country. This community is highly regarded for its diverse contributions across various professional sectors, including engineering, medicine, finance, technology, and business. The presence of skilled Indian professionals has significantly enriched Kuwait’s socio-economic landscape, further underscoring the importance of fostering cultural exchanges and linguistic outreach.

Moreover, the Indian Business Community in It has successfully established itself in the local market, playing a pivotal role in retail and distribution sectors. Over the years, India and Kuwait have maintained robust diplomatic relations deeply rooted in historical connections and mutual respect. Notably, the bilateral ties between the two nations have evolved over six decades, with 2021-22 commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations.

The recent meeting between Indian Ambassador Adarsh Swaika and It Deputy Prime Minister, Sheikh Fahad Yousef Saud Al-Sabah, underscores the strong rapport shared between the two countries. Ambassador Swaika commended the Deputy Prime Minister for his expatriate-friendly initiatives and provided updates on the Indian community’s developments, highlighting the collaborative efforts aimed at promoting greater understanding and cooperation.

The launch of the Hindi radio programme in It not only serves as a platform for cultural exchange and language promotion but also reflects the shared commitment to nurturing enduring ties between India and Kuwait. This initiative is poised to resonate with the Indian diaspora, providing a sense of familiarity and connection while contributing to the multicultural fabric of Kuwaiti society.

As India and Kuwait continue to explore avenues for collaboration across various sectors, the introduction of the Hindi radio broadcast stands out as a testament to the shared values and aspirations that bind these two nations together. It is anticipated that this cultural milestone will pave the way for deeper engagements and further reinforce the longstanding friendship between India and It on the foundation of mutual respect and understanding.


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