Great Retail App: Features, Characteristics, and Tips

Introduction Of Retail App

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly shifted eCommerce development strategies, emphasizing digital channels for customer traffic. McKinsey reports that the compound annual growth rate for digital channels increased by around 14% over the past four years, with a notable 25% spike in March 2020. This shift has driven eCommerce businesses to expand their digital presence, particularly through retail apps.

Retail App

With over 78% of consumers preferring to use retail apps multiple times a week and 40% doing so daily, understanding what makes these apps popular is crucial. Here’s a comprehensive guide to creating a successful retail app, detailing the main features, characteristics, and tips for development.

Key Benefits of Retail Apps for Online and Offline Stores

Enhanced eCommerce

Retail apps offer a significant boost to eCommerce by providing an additional customer channel with substantial traffic and purchases. According to Think With Google, each shopping app installed is used at least weekly, making them a vital tool for eCommerce enhancement.

Launch Loyalty Programs

It are instrumental in customer retention. Around 80% of companies agree that retention is cheaper than acquisition, and increasing retention by just 5% can boost ROI by 25% to 95%. Apps can keep customers engaged with valuable offers, transforming them into loyal customers who recommend your business to others.

Better Customer Connection

Retail apps facilitate continuous feedback collection on product quality and service. Analyzing customer behavior and trends within the app helps businesses identify focus areas and effective strategies. Additionally, apps can notify customers about special events, deals, and sales, further enhancing revenue.

Features of an Excellent Retail Application

Product Reviews and Detailed Feedback

Incorporating a product review section is essential, as over 90% of consumers make purchases based on reviews. This feature enhances user experience (UX) and sales by providing real customer experiences.

Easy Registration and Checkout

A seamless sign-up and checkout process is crucial. Complex registration procedures deter potential customers, so it’s best to keep information requirements minimal and relevant.

Offline Performance

Offline capabilities can engage more users by allowing app usage anytime, even without a network connection. Features like limited data usage for browsing can significantly enhance UX, similar to apps like Spotify and Google Maps.

Mobile Payments

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased online shopping, with 52% of adults shopping more online. Including multiple secure and fast payment options in your app can boost conversions and customer loyalty. Conversely, payment issues can drive users away.

Push Notifications

Effective push notifications can inform users about new products, sales, and events, enhancing sales and UX. The key is to provide value without being overly intrusive.

From Idea to Launch: Developing a Retail App

Size and Scale

The more devices and advanced features your app supports, the higher the development costs. A detailed management system is crucial for a large-scale app.

Unique Design and Interface

A unique design and user-friendly interface are as important as the app’s functionality. This often requires additional investment for multiple design iterations.

Timeframe and Quality

Development costs vary by region. Developers in the US/UK are typically more expensive than those in Eastern Europe, where you can find equally qualified experts at lower rates.

Testing and Improvement

QA testing is critical for monitoring app performance, fixing bugs, and ensuring all features meet requirements. This process helps deliver a high-quality product to users.


Creating a retail app involves detailed planning, analysis, and testing, along with a deep understanding of marketing trends and UX. At Intellectsoft, we specialize in retail application development, offering innovative solutions for businesses. Contact our experts to start benefiting from a well-crafted retail app today!


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