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Visa-free Travel from UAE:8 Countries Eid Al Fitr Break

Introduction Of Visa:

Looking to escape the routine and capture some Instagram-worthy moments this Eid Al Fitr? We’ve curated a list of eight stunning destinations that UAE residents can explore hassle-free, thanks to It-free travel arrangements or easy It processes. Whether you crave tropical beaches, historical landmarks, or mountain adventures, these destinations promise unforgettable experiences.


Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka beckons with its tropical charm and diverse landscapes. UAE residents can obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization online, granting a 30-day stay to explore ancient temples, lush greenery, and pristine beaches.


For a paradisiacal beach getaway, Seychelles is a dream destination. UAE residents can obtain a It on arrival with proof of return ticket, lodging, and sufficient funds. Dive into clear waters and discover untouched natural reserves.

Saudi Arabia

Embark on a cultural journey in Saudi Arabia, now open to UAE residents with instant It’s. Explore ancient cities like Al-Ula and the vibrant modernity of Riyadh.


Nature enthusiasts will love Kyrgyzstan’s rugged landscapes. UAE residents enjoy a It on arrival for up to sixty days, perfect for hiking in Ala-Archa National Park or exploring Bishkek.


Montenegro offers a mix of coastline and mountains. UAE residents get a visa on arrival for up to ninety days, ideal for soaking in Budva’s beaches or Durmitor National Park’s vistas.


Discover ancient wonders like Petra and unwind in the Dead Sea’s therapeutic waters. Convenient flights from Abu Dhabi to Aqaba make this trip easily accessible.


Thailand is a playground of flavors and experiences. UAE residents can explore Bangkok’s urban buzz, Chiang Mai’s cultural richness, and Ko Samui’s tropical beaches, all without a visa.


Armenia offers visa-free access for Indian citizens with UAE residency visas. Experience its rich history and landscapes with a visa on arrival, ensuring your passport is valid for six months.

Planning Your Eid Al Fitr Adventure

These destinations cater to various interests, from adventure seekers to culture enthusiasts and beach lovers. Ensure to check specific entry requirements and travel advisories before planning your trip. With visa-free travel and easy visa processes, this Eid Al Fitr promises to be an exciting getaway filled with new experiences and cherished memories.


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