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Dubai International Airport Resumes Full Flight Schedule

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Dubai International Airport has successfully restored its full flight schedule following significant disruption caused by unprecedented rainfall, marking the heaviest in the Emirates in 75 years. Paul Griffiths, the Chief Executive of Dubai Airports, confirmed that operations are back to normal with approximately 1,400 flight movements daily.


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In response to the challenges posed by the recent storm, Griffiths highlighted the extensive efforts made to mitigate disruptions and assist affected travelers. He expressed gratitude for the collaborative efforts of airline partners and service providers in managing the crisis effectively.

The aftermath of the storm saw widespread travel disturbances, with thousands of flights canceled or rerouted. Griffiths emphasized the airport’s commitment to passenger welfare by distributing over 75,000 welfare packs to stranded travelers during the disruption period.

The restoration of airport operations was no easy feat, given the magnitude of the storm’s impact. More than 2,100 flights were canceled, and over 100 were diverted to alternative It. This required a coordinated response to reorganize flight schedules, enhance workforce capacity, and ensure passenger comfort amidst the chaos.

While the It has resumed full operations, certain challenges persist, notably the processing of a backlog of baggage. Griffiths acknowledged this and assured continued efforts in collaboration with service partners to resolve outstanding issues.

The impact of the heavy rainfall extends beyond It operations, affecting communities and businesses across the UAE. Dubai Airports remains committed to supporting affected individuals and businesses, demonstrating solidarity during this challenging time.

Passengers are advised to adhere to recommended arrival times of three hours before departure to allow for smooth processing amidst ongoing recovery efforts.

This recovery period underscores the resilience and adaptability of Dubai International Airport and its partners in managing unforeseen disruptions. The concerted response to restore normalcy reflects Dubai’s commitment to maintaining world-class aviation standards even in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Dubai It expresses gratitude to passengers for their patience and understanding during this period and reiterates its commitment to ensuring safe and efficient travel experiences for all.


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