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Emirates nearly 400 flights cancelled after record rains

Introduction Of Emirates

In the aftermath of unprecedented rainfall causing significant disruptions to air travel in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Emirates CEO Tim Clark has issued a candid open letter addressing the challenges faced by passengers and outlining the airline’s response efforts.


Acknowledging the Unprecedented Circumstances

Clark began by expressing heartfelt apologies to every passenger impacted by the flight disruptions, recognizing the frustration caused by the unexpected circumstances. He highlighted the extraordinary nature of the weather event, with the UAE experiencing its highest rainfall in 75 years on April 16. The storm’s severity led to widespread disruptions not only at airports but also across the affected cities.

Impact on Emirates Operations

The CEO elaborated on the operational difficulties faced by Emirates during this period. Despite the airline’s commitment to maintaining its 24/7 hub at Dubai Airport, flooded roads posed a significant challenge for passengers, crew members, and airport staff alike. In response, Emirates had to divert multiple flights and subsequently cancel nearly 400 flights over the next three days due to staffing and supply shortages.

Prioritizing Customer Care

Clark emphasized that Emirates’ primary objectives were to ensure the well-being of affected passengers and to swiftly restore normal operations. To achieve this, the airline undertook several measures, including suspending check-in services for departing passengers in Dubai, halting ticket sales, and temporarily restricting connecting flights through Dubai.

The airline deployed additional resources to assist affected passengers with rebooking and provided extensive support, including medical attention and accommodation arrangements. Notably, over 12,000 hotel rooms were secured, and 250,000 meal vouchers were distributed to stranded travelers.

Efforts to Restore Operations

Behind the scenes, It mobilized its workforce to rectify the disruptions. The airline’s concerted efforts led to the restoration of regular flight schedules by April 20, with rebooked passengers gradually proceeding to their destinations. A dedicated taskforce was established to manage the retrieval and delivery of approximately 30,000 pieces of left-behind baggage.

Acknowledging Imperfections and Committing to Improvement

Clark candidly admitted that It’ response to the crisis was far from perfect, acknowledging the frustration experienced by passengers due to congestion and inadequate information dissemination within terminals. He reassured customers that the airline takes their concerns seriously and is committed to learning from this experience to enhance its processes and customer service.

Gratitude and Moving Forward

In closing, the CEO expressed gratitude to Emirates’ employees, partners, and suppliers for their unwavering dedication during the crisis. He reiterated the airline’s commitment to upholding its brand promise of “Fly Better” and pledged to continue working diligently to meet and exceed customer expectations.


The open letter from Emirates CEO Tim Clark provides a transparent account of the challenges faced by the airline during the UAE floods and outlines the steps taken to address passenger concerns. While acknowledging the shortcomings in Emirates’ response, Clark’s message conveys a commitment to learning from the experience and further improving the airline’s operations. Through transparency, accountability, and dedication to customer care, Emirates aims to regain the trust and satisfaction of its valued passengers.


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