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Dubai Welcomes New Air Arabia City Check-In Facility

Introduction Of Air Arabia

In a bid to elevate the travel experience for its customers, Air Arabia has unveiled its latest city check-in facility in Dubai. Situated at City Centre Al Shindagha in the vibrant Al Fahidi area, this addition marks the 12th such facility across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), underscoring the airline’s commitment to enhancing passenger convenience and flexibility.

Air Arabia

The newly inaugurated service offers passengers the opportunity to drop off their baggage and procure their boarding passes a full 24 hours prior to their scheduled flights, extending to 8 hours before departure. This feature not only streamlines the pre-flight process but also affords travelers a greater degree of flexibility in managing their travel arrangements.

One of the standout features of this new location is the provision of a convenient bus service connecting the Shindagha City Centre city check-in facility with Sharjah International Airport. This forthcoming service is poised to further simplify the travel journey for passengers, bridging the gap between the check-in point and the airport seamlessly.

Operational from 10 am to 10 pm daily, the facility caters to the diverse needs of travelers, offering services beyond mere check-in. Passengers can avail themselves of the opportunity to purchase additional baggage allowance, select preferred seating arrangements, or make necessary adjustments to their flight plans, all under one roof.

The strategic placement of the city check-in facility within City Centre Al Shindagha not only adds to the convenience factor but also aligns with Air Arabia’s customer-centric approach. By integrating essential services into popular shopping and entertainment destinations, the airline ensures that travelers can seamlessly blend their travel requirements with their leisure pursuits.

This latest initiative underscores Dubai’s continued commitment to fostering a traveler-friendly environment, characterized by innovation and efficiency. As a global aviation hub, Dubai consistently endeavors to enhance its infrastructure and services, catering to the evolving needs of travelers from around the world.

Air Arabia


In conclusion, the opening of the new Air Arabia city check-in facility in Dubai signifies a significant milestone in the realm of travel convenience and efficiency. With its provision of early check-in options, seamless connectivity, and comprehensive service offerings, the facility sets a new standard for passenger experience, reaffirming Air Arabia’s position as a leader in the aviation industry. As travelers increasingly seek hassle-free and flexible solutions, this initiative stands poised to meet and exceed their expectations, enhancing Dubai’s reputation as a premier travel destination.

Stay updated with the latest developments and embark on your journey with ease, courtesy of Air Arabia’s innovative city check-in facility in Dubai.


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