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Dubai’s Torch Tower: Balancing Affordability with Safety

Introduction Of Torch

Dubai Marina stands as a beacon of modernity and luxury, boasting glitzy skyscrapers that define the city’s skyline. Among these architectural marvels, The Torch tower holds a unique position, not just for its impressive stature but also for the resilience of its residents in the face of adversity. Despite experiencing multiple fires in recent years, tenants remain steadfast, drawn by the allure of cheaper rents and breathtaking city views.


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The most recent incident, occurring just days ago, once again tested the resolve of The Torch’s inhabitants. A fire, originating from a ground-floor restaurant, triggered a swift response from emergency teams, averting any harm to residents and eliminating the need for evacuation. While such events may raise concerns, for many, the advantages of living in The Torch outweigh the risks.

Anu Tiwari, a long-time resident, underscores the primary allure of The Torch – affordability. In a neighborhood renowned for its high rental prices, The Torch offers a significant reduction in costs without compromising on quality. Tiwari notes, “the rent at The Torch is significantly lower compared to other buildings in the area,” making it an attractive option for budget-conscious individuals.

Anonymous residents echo this sentiment, emphasizing the unparalleled value offered by The Torch’s panoramic city vistas. “I can see the whole of Palm Jumeirah and other neighborhoods of Dubai from my apartment,” one resident enthuses, highlighting the unique appeal of the tower’s location.

Indeed, rental prices at The Torch present a stark contrast to neighboring properties. One-bedroom units start at Dh90,000 per year, nearly Dh10,000 cheaper than comparable alternatives. Similarly, two-bedroom flats offer substantial savings, starting at Dh135,000 annually, a considerable markdown from surrounding offerings.

Yet, affordability isn’t the tower’s sole draw. Its strategic location affords residents easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road, mitigating the woes of peak-hour traffic. Security measures and amenities further enhance the living experience, reassuring tenants of their safety and convenience.

Despite past fire incidents, residents commend the tower’s emergency preparedness and management’s proactive approach to safety. “The tower is well equipped with all the fire safety tools,” attests a resident, reflecting on the swift containment of recent blazes. Management’s commitment to bolstering safety protocols instills confidence, with residents expressing optimism for a secure future.

In the balance between affordability and safety, residents of The It exemplify resilience and pragmatism. Their steadfast commitment to this iconic tower underscores Dubai’s spirit of resilience and adaptability, where community bonds and practical considerations converge to create enduring homes amidst the ever-evolving urban landscape.


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