Hyte’s New PC Cases: Perfect Blend Innovation

Hyte has made a significant splash in the tech world with its latest product unveilings, setting the stage for an exciting Computex 2024. Among the highlights are their new cooling solutions and the much-anticipated Y70 Touch Infinite PC case. Yet, for those who appreciate a unique aesthetic, the real showstopper is the ultra-cute Hyte Milky Y70 chassis.


The Charming Hyte Milky Y70

The Hyte Milky Y70 is a massive gaming PC case that stands out with its distinctive and adorable color options. It comes in three delightful hues: Taro Milk, Strawberry Milk, and Blueberry Milk. These pastel shades are a refreshing departure from the typical, more subdued color palettes of standard PC cases. Although the Milky Y70 lacks the display feature of its predecessor, it offers an opportunity for enthusiasts to create a visually appealing, color-coordinated build. For those who still want the touchscreen functionality, Hyte provides an option to purchase and install the touchscreen separately.

Building a color-themed PC might pose a challenge due to the limited availability of matching components. However, with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness, it’s possible to achieve a cohesive and stunning setup. The Milky Y70’s aesthetic appeal is undeniable, making it an irresistible option for those who crave a standout look for their gaming rig.

The Innovative Hyte Y70 Touch Infinite

While the Milky Y70’s charm is hard to resist, Hyte’s technical prowess shines through with the updated Y70 Touch Infinite. This successor to the highly praised original Y70 case addresses past issues and brings several enhancements.

The Y70 Touch Infinite features a 14.5-inch display with a 688-by-2560 resolution, larger and more advanced than its predecessor. This new screen offers a 33% closer dot pitch, resulting in sharper images, along with a 17% brighter LCD panel that boasts a significantly higher contrast ratio. These improvements ensure a more vibrant and crisp display, enhancing the overall user experience.

Despite the display’s standard 60Hz refresh rate, it’s more than sufficient for a chassis touchscreen. Hyte has also improved the pixel response time by 50%, making interactions with the touchscreen more fluid and responsive. These upgrades make the Y70 Touch Infinite a valuable addition for gamers and PC builders seeking a high-performance case with advanced display capabilities.

Pricing and Availability

The new Hyte Y70 Touch Infinite is already available for preorder, starting at $380. For those who already own a Y70 case or prefer to add the touchscreen later, the display upgrade alone is priced at $200 and up. On the other hand, the Milky Y70 cases are more accessible, starting at $220. Their unique design and affordable price point make them a tempting choice for anyone looking to refresh their setup with a touch of whimsy.


Hyte continues to push the boundaries of PC case design and functionality with its latest offerings. The adorable Milky Y70 cases provide a playful and unique aesthetic, perfect for those wanting to infuse their gaming setup with a splash of color. Meanwhile, the Y70 Touch Infinite exemplifies Hyte’s commitment to innovation, offering substantial improvements in display technology and user experience.

Whether you’re drawn to the charming appeal of the Milky Y70 or the advanced features of the Y70 Touch Infinite, Hyte’s new lineup has something for everyone. As for me, the allure of the Milky Y70’s pastel charm is hard to resist — it’s a case that makes you want to rebuild your PC from scratch just to enjoy its delightful design.


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