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Rs102 ticket, Dubai resident who arrived before UAE born

Introduction Of Rs102 ticket, Dubai resident who arrived before UAE born

Sher Akbar Afridi’s story is an extraordinary one. It’s a tale of witnessing a nation’s transformation firsthand, from a young man arriving by ship in 1964 to a successful businessman and pillar of his community.


Afridi’s journey began with a simple Rs102 ticket, Dubai resident who arrived before UAE born Rs. 102 ticket, a far cry from the airfare of today. Dubai was a different world then, a place where even short distances were easily walkable. His first job in construction paid a significant Rs. 150, a testament to the different economic realities of the past.

Afridi’s dedication and work ethic are evident throughout his narrative. He played a part in building the UAE’s first concrete road, a project that laid the foundation for the nation’s future infrastructure. His encounters with the late rulers, Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid, offer a glimpse into the leadership that shaped the country.

Afridi’s entrepreneurial spirit is another defining characteristic. He transitioned from construction to retail, even interacting with the late Sheikh Rashid at his business establishment. He embarked on various ventures, eventually finding success in the travel industry. Even today, his commitment is unwavering, with him personally overseeing his travel agency operations.

Beyond his professional achievements, Afridi’s commitment to social service shines through. His efforts to assist those in need, from earthquake victims in Pakistan to prisoners in Dubai, speak volumes about his character.

Afridi’s family story reflects the deep roots he has established in the UAE. With all his sons calling the country home, and three even contributing to its development through government service, Afridi’s legacy extends beyond his own accomplishments.

Sher Akbar Afridi’s story is one of resilience, dedication, and a deep connection to the nation he helped build. It’s a testament to the transformative power of hard work and the spirit of giving back.


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