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Precious Gold Remain a Solid Buy for Investors

Gold and Silver Rally as Soft US Data Fuels Market Optimism

Precious metals have long been viewed as a safe haven for investors, offering stability in times of economic uncertainty. Recent market trends and economic data suggest that now is an opportune moment to consider investments in gold, silver, and other precious metals. As gold trades near a one-month high and silver reaches an 11-year closing high, the market dynamics are shifting favorably for these assets.


Gold’s Renewed Demand and ETF Investors

Gold has experienced renewed interest among investors, especially with the anticipation of a rate cut cycle later this year. Since the interest rate cycle started in 2022, many ETF investors have been net sellers of gold. However, this trend is expected to reverse, driving increased demand for gold. A recent commodities report from Saxo Bank highlighted this shift, noting the impact of rising costs associated with holding non-interest-paying gold relative to U.S. T-bills, which currently offer a 12-month return above 5%.

Ole Hansen, Head of Commodities Strategy at Saxo Bank, emphasized the resilience of gold amid sticky inflation and economic data softness. Hansen noted that the so-called super core metric remains near 5%, while the six-month annualized core CPI is at 4%. These factors are likely to continue supporting demand for precious metals.

Silver and Platinum’s Impressive Performance

While It is performing well, silver and platinum have shown remarkable strength. Silver recently achieved an 11-year closing high, driven by surging industrial metals and a squeeze in the COMEX futures market. Platinum has also broken higher after a year of sideways action, reflecting strong industrial demand.

The combination of sticky inflation and economic softness is likely to sustain demand for these metals. Hansen pointed out that the positive outlook for investment metals is driven by several factors:

  • Geopolitical Risks: Ongoing tensions in regions like Russia/Ukraine and the Middle East continue to support precious metals as a safe investment.
  • Strong Retail Demand in China: Investors in China are increasingly turning to precious metals to protect their wealth amid economic struggles, property market issues, and potential currency devaluation.
  • Central Bank Demand: Geopolitical uncertainty and a trend towards de-dollarization have led central banks to increase their gold reserves, appreciating gold’s stability and security.
  • Rising Debt-to-GDP Ratios: Concerns about the sustainability of rising debt levels in major economies, including the U.S., have drawn attention to the quality of debt and its implications for gold.

It has maintained its technical levels through recent consolidation phases, avoiding long liquidation from managed money accounts. This stability, coupled with significant speculative long positions in the futures market, supports a buy-on-dip strategy. The key question remains whether current momentum can drive It prices to new records. Investors, including central banks, may need time to adjust to high price levels, which could influence their willingness to pay record prices for bullion.

Silver, like It, has rebounded following a period of consolidation. The surge in the industrial metal sector has pushed silver towards a critical resistance area between $29.85 and $30.00. A breakthrough in this range could trigger additional buying from momentum-following funds, which currently hold relatively small net long futures positions. Hansen also highlighted the gold-silver ratio, which measures the relative strength between the two metals. This ratio has decreased from a January peak above 92 to below 81 ounces of silver per ounce of It, indicating strengthening silver performance.


The outlook for precious metals remains positive, supported by a mix of economic, geopolitical, and market-specific factors. Gold, silver, and platinum are poised to benefit from ongoing inflation concerns, economic data softness, and strong industrial demand. As investors navigate these uncertain times, precious metals continue to offer a reliable investment opportunity, promising stability and potential growth.


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