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Dubai Firm to Pay Dh200,000 to Employee for False Case

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In a recent ruling by the Civil Court in Dubai, justice has been served as a company is ordered to compensate one of its employees with Dh200,000 for falsely accusing him of contract forgery. This egregious accusation led to significant personal and emotional turmoil for the employee, resulting in a nine-month travel ban and immense financial strain.

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The employee, whose identity remains undisclosed, took legal action against his former employer after enduring a distressing ordeal instigated Dubai by baseless allegations. The company alleged that the employee had forged his contract documents to inflate his salary entitlements, a claim that was later debunked by the Criminal Court.

The repercussions of this false accusation were profound and far-reaching. Not only did it impose a travel ban on the employee, Dubai preventing him from attending to his sick mother and mourning her passing, but it also tarnished his professional reputation, making it challenging for him to secure new employment opportunities.

The judgment delivered by the Civil Court Dubai underscores the gravity of the situation. Not only did it order the company to pay Dh200,000 in compensation to the employee, but it also mandated an additional five percent legal interest. Furthermore, the defendants are directed to cover all expenses, fees, and attorney’s costs incurred throughout the legal proceedings.

The court’s ruling acknowledges the significant financial and emotional distress inflicted upon the employee as a result of the company’s actions. The nine-month travel ban not only deprived him of the opportunity to bid farewell to his mother in her final moments but also placed him in dire financial straits, compelling him to resort to borrowing money to meet his basic needs.

Moreover, the tarnishing of his reputation due to the criminal case further exacerbated his challenges in finding employment, adding another layer of hardship to an already distressing situation. Fortunately, the employee has been vindicated with an acquittal judgment, providing tangible evidence of his innocence and absolving him of any wrongdoing.

This case serves as a stark reminder of the importance of upholding integrity and fairness in employment practices. False accusations not only jeopardize the livelihoods and well-being of individuals but also undermine trust and credibility within the workplace.Dubai It underscores the necessity for companies to conduct thorough investigations before levying serious allegations against their employees, ensuring that justice prevails and the rights of individuals are safeguarded.

Ultimately, while this legal battle may have been arduous and Dubai emotionally taxing for the employee, the court’s ruling stands as a testament to the power of justice and the resilience of those who stand up against injustice. It is a reaffirmation of the principle that truth prevails in the face of adversity and that those who seek to manipulate and exploit others will be held accountable for their actions.


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