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Dubai: Co-Working Space at Burjuman Metro Station

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Dubai, known for its innovation and forward-thinking infrastructure, is set to introduce a groundbreaking addition to its transportation network. The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is launching a co-working space within the Burjuman Metro Station, aptly named ‘WO-RK’. Scheduled for a trial run between April 1 and June 30, this initiative aims to redefine the concept of workspaces by offering easily accessible, affordable, and inspiring environments right within the metro station.


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The vision behind this initiative stems from RTA’s commitment to aligning with Dubai’s Urban Plan 2040, which aims to elevate Dubai to the status of the world’s best city for living. Mohammed Al Hammadi, Director of Commercial and Investment at RTA, expressed pride in witnessing the transformation of this concept into reality. He emphasized how the introduction of coworking spaces at Burjuman Metro Station contributes to RTA’s strategic objectives and hinted at potential expansions to other strategic locations along the metro network in the future.

Collaborating with RTA on this pioneering venture is The Co-Spaces, spearheaded by founder Shahzad Bhatti. Bhatti highlighted the significance of this partnership, emphasizing their commitment to providing innovative work solutions and fostering dynamic work environments. Together with RTA, they aim to shape the future of workspaces by offering a unique blend of convenience, flexibility, and community engagement.

What sets WO-RK apart is not only its prime location within the bustling metro station but also the array of services it provides. Beyond offering a space to work, it will streamline essential business support services, simplifying processes such as obtaining mainland licenses, Ejari, and business addresses. Moreover, educational and mentorship programs will be conducted, enriching the experience for professionals utilizing the space.

The introduction of WO-RK reflects Dubai’s continuous efforts to enhance convenience and efficiency for its residents and visitors. By integrating workspaces into transportation hubs, the city is redefining the boundaries between work and commute, making it more seamless and productive for individuals on the go. This initiative also underscores Dubai’s commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship and innovation by providing accessible platforms for collaboration and growth.

As the trial period commences between April and June, anticipation brews among commuters and professionals alike. WO-RK’s innovative approach to workspace design and its strategic location promise to revolutionize the way people work and commute in Dubai. With the support of RTA and The Co-Spaces, this initiative is poised to set a new standard for urban workspaces, cementing Dubai’s reputation as a global leader in innovation and urban development.


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