Exploring Treasures of Sharjah Archaeology Museum

Introduction Of Sharjah

Do you want to learn more about the history of the emirates? While various museums in Dubai provide insight into old Emirati culture, Sharjah also boasts a wealth of historical sites. Among these, the Sharjah Archaeology Museum stands out as one of the most important historical attractions in this family-friendly emirate. History buffs can embark on a one-of-a-kind tour here to delve into traditional Emirati life. Keep reading to discover more about the Sharjah Archaeology Museum and its treasure trove of ancient artifacts and history.


A Modern Presentation of Ancient Artifacts

The structure of the museum may appear to be from another age, but the artifacts are presented in a technologically modern way. Visitors can also take an audio tour of the museum, where pre-recorded remarks describe the artifacts on display in great detail. The exhibits include a variety of items such as weapons, jewelry, ceramics, and animal carvings dating back to the Stone Age. Let’s explore some of the highlights offered by this archaeological museum in the UAE.

Exhibits and Artifacts

The Sharjah Archaeology Museum is one of the most developed heritage museums in the UAE, containing artifacts uncovered at ancient sites across Sharjah. This museum preserves, interprets, and showcases the UAE’s rich history. Through these artifacts, visitors can learn more about the old Arabic lifestyle and Bedouin culture.

Stone Age to Islamic Era

The museum’s collection spans several historical eras:

  • Stone Age (5000 BC to 3000 BC): Weapons, tools, and jewelry providing insight into early human life and activities.
  • Iron Age: Artifacts reflecting advancements in metallurgy and daily life.
  • Great Arabia (300 BC to 611 AD): Instruments and implements illustrating the region’s development up to the birth of Islam.

Cultural Evolution and Trade Connections

Artifacts discovered during archaeological digs, such as those in Al Muwaileh in 1973, offer a window into the evolution of culture over time. The museum showcases jewelry, pottery, historical weapons, and other models, including older currencies. These archaeological discoveries also suggest links between early Arabian settlers and present-day Sharjah citizens, highlighting trading contacts with the inhabitants of the Indus Valley in the east and the Mediterranean Islands in the west, in addition to neighboring connections.

Life and Death: Graves, Tombs, and Dwellings

Visitors can tour reconstructions of graves, tombs, and dwellings that date back 2,500 years. This aspect of the museum provides a unique opportunity to understand Sharjah’s rich and deep-rooted heritage. Many excavations and expeditions have revealed that humans have been present in Sharjah for more than 125,000 years. The museum sheds light on the lifestyle of the region’s inhabitants from the Stone Age to the advent of Islam.

Interactive Learning Experiences

Though the museum captivates history buffs, it also appeals to ordinary visitors. The primary reason to visit the Sharjah Archaeology Museum is to learn about the lives of people who lived in the region during different historical periods, such as the Stone Age, Iron Age, and contemporary ages. Visitors can learn how desert nomads adapted to their surroundings, including the dwellings they built and the materials they utilized. To keep visitors engaged, the museum offers videos and interactive computer games that make learning about the region’s history both educational and entertaining.

A Well-Organized Journey Through Time

The Sharjah Archaeology Museum is meticulously organized, with exhibits classified according to historical eras. From the Stone Age, with artifacts dating from 5000 BC to 3000 BC, to Great Arabia, with instruments and implements spanning from 300 BC to 611 AD, there is a wealth of information about early human life on display. Although the structure is reminiscent of a bygone age, the antiques are presented in a modern fashion, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience for all visitors.


The Sharjah Archaeology Museum offers a fascinating journey through time, providing deep insights into the rich history and heritage of the UAE. Whether you are a history enthusiast or a casual visitor, the museum’s extensive collection of artifacts, interactive exhibits, and detailed presentations ensure an enlightening and memorable experience. Embark on a tour of the Sharjah Archaeology Museum to explore the treasures that chronicle the ancient past and cultural evolution of the emirate.


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