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Saudi Arabia: Women volunteers help For Prophet’s Mosque

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In anticipation of the upcoming Ramadan season, Saudi Arabia has taken proactive steps to ensure the smooth facilitation of worshippers at the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. Central to these efforts has been the training of 1,352 women volunteers who will play a pivotal role in providing assistance to worshippers, particularly women, as they visit Islam’s second holiest site.


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Organized by the General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque, these training courses have equipped volunteers with essential skills ranging from communication and guidance to crowd management and care for the elderly and physically challenged individuals. The aim is to enhance the overall experience for worshippers and ensure their needs are met effectively during their pilgrimage to the Prophet’s Mosque.

Ramadan, which is set to begin this year, traditionally sees a surge in pilgrims visiting both the Grand Mosque in Mecca and the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina. As pilgrims perform Umrah at the Grand Mosque before heading to Medina, the demand for services and support escalates significantly.

Saudi authorities, cognizant of this influx, have intensified preparations to accommodate the anticipated rise in visitors. With more than 8.5 million Iftar meals expected to be distributed and 2.5 million bottles of Zamzam water to be provided during the month-long lunar period, meticulous planning and coordination are imperative to ensure the smooth functioning of operations.

The significance of the Prophet’s Mosque cannot be understated, as it houses Al Rawda Al Sharifa, the revered site of the tomb of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). As such, it attracts millions of worshippers annually, with over 280 million Muslims praying at the mosque in 2023 alone.

The recent workshop conducted by the General Authority for Care of the Prophet’s Mosque underscores the commitment to enhancing services and preparations for Ramadan. From intensifying cleaning and sterilization procedures to managing crowds efficiently during peak times, every aspect of visitor experience is being meticulously addressed.

What stands out in these preparations is the active involvement of women volunteers. By training over a thousand women to assist fellow worshippers, Saudi Arabia is not only empowering its female population but also ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque. This initiative aligns with broader efforts in the kingdom to enhance women’s participation across various sectors, fostering a more equitable and progressive society.

As the world looks forward to the blessed month of Ramadan, Saudi Arabia sets an example of proactive planning and community engagement in catering to the needs of worshippers. Through the dedication of trained volunteers, the spirit of compassion and service permeates the sacred precincts of the Prophet’s Mosque, enriching the pilgrimage experience for all who visit.


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