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UAE Cracks Down Cold Calls: New Rules and Fines

Introduction Of UAE

For many UAE residents, unwanted sales calls are a constant source of frustration. But relief is on the horizon, as the government has approved a decision to regulate cold calling, with penalties for violators.


A Persistent Nuisance

While most residents only experience occasional calls from marketers, some, like Dubai resident Allaine Galvez, have faced a relentless barrage. Galvez describes a “forex trading guy” who pestered her for months, even after she explained she wasn’t interested.

New Regulations Aim to End the Hassle

The UAE Cabinet has taken a decisive step to curb this practice. New guidelines will be established for telemarketing practices, along with clear obligations for companies engaged in such activities. The Dubai Media Office confirmed that fines will be implemented for non-compliance. Federal and local authorities will collaborate to enforce these regulations.

The Other Side of the Coin

While most residents view these calls as a nuisance, it’s important to acknowledge that telemarketing can be a source of employment. Mitchel Cervales, a Dubai expat, shared his experience as a cold caller. He described the pressure to convince potential customers and the difficulty of securing sign-ups. He ultimately left the job after two weeks.

The Toll on Busy Professionals

For UAE residents like Eric Saguil, who works in design, missing calls can be a concern. However, the constant barrage of unwanted marketing calls, especially during busy work hours, is a major source of frustration. Saguil estimates that nine out of ten calls from unknown numbers are from salespeople or forex traders.

Current Solutions While We Wait

While the new cold calling regulations haven’t been rolled out yet, there are existing tools to help residents avoid these calls. The 2022 Kashif initiative automatically registers companies with caller ID services. This allows residents to see the company name associated with an unknown number, helping them decide whether to answer. Additionally, the UAE’s Do Not Call Registry (DNCR) allows residents to opt out of receiving telemarketing and promotional calls.

The upcoming regulations and existing tools offer hope for a future with fewer unwanted calls, allowing UAE residents to enjoy greater peace of mind.


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